26 November 2007

HINDRAF encounter with our security forces at Batu Caves

An illegal mass has been organized by a group of NGO known as HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force) yesterday in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur defying a court order against this particular rally. The protesters are not only has intentionally broken the law but due to their action which against the public interest by jeopardizing their security and not forgetting most of the business premises around the gathering were also closed has sending the wrong signal to the rest of the world that some Malaysian are now prone to streets demonstrations as a channel to voice out their dissatisfaction.

But the ugly scenes are not only taken part on the proposed rally date, which is on the 25th November 07 but also as early as 2am in the morning at Batu Caves. Here are some of the images taken.

These are some of the unsung heroes of our nation who will serve and protect us.

They are making their move out.

The tendencies for aggression is high especially in this particular illegal mass

Things get nasty

It is getting nastier

Some of the 136 people arrested. Another 105 taken in and released after their statements are taken

The disturbing scenario after the gathering.

Definitely I don’t want my kids to grew up in this kind of scenario

Why should we embrace such barbaric act by some people who do not cherish our peace and stability that we have achieved so far?

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