04 December 2007

Leader of Indian group can't rule out violence

Based on interview with Desmond Ng from New Paper Singapore a month ago but it was only appeared online today

He claims he stands for peaceful protests, but the same man inspires his followers with footage of violent protests in Myanmar.

A UK-trained lawyer, Mr P Uthayakumar called himself a patriot, but is now prepared to shame Malaysia internationally for what he sees as policies that are racially discriminatory.
Mr Uthayakumar, 46, even said some in the Indian community may turn to violence to push their agenda.

On charges that he's a traitor, Mr Uthayakumar claimed that during his university days in England, he was often wearing a lapel pin with a Malaysian flag on his coat.
'My friends used to poke fun at me because of that, but I didn't care because I was proud of being a Malaysian. I refused to associate myself with India because I thought I must show loyalty to my country.

'When I opened my legal firm in 1994, the first thing on my table was a flag of Malaysia. I still want to be a Malaysian but I think they don't want me.'

Comment - So now he is prepared to shame Malaysia internationally? This show that Uthayakumar has a very funny concept of patriotisme - by just wearing a label pin with Malaysia flags his coat during his Uni days in UK and by just putting a flag on his table.

Mr Uthayakumar dismissed the veteran politician as irrelevant to the Indian community.
He claimed the community is now turning to Hindraf instead, and Indians from all walks of life have been donating money to the group so they can advance their agenda.
Their public protest was inspired by events in Myanmar in September.

Mr Uthayakumar said: 'Some of the monks were prepared to die for their cause. I've shown slides of monks getting shot and killed during my road shows and I think it struck a chord with the people.'

Comment - Is this fella for real? Yes we could understand why the monks rallied in Myanmar, to go against oppression of their Junta’s force and with deep discontent and anger over the economic mismanagement and harsh rule of the junta.
In 45 years of military rule and 19 years under the current junta the country once known as Burma has become a ragged, suffering nation, one of the poorest and most repressed in Asia.

And how does that justify HINDRAF fights for Indian Rights in Malaysia? It’s baseless and illogical. More like a pursuit of personal driven cause instead of representing the Indian Community in Malaysia.

The New Paper met him in Malaysia last month before the street protests

Comment - He knows about the consequences for organizing this rally, he already predicted on the aggression & violance his people shall face, yet proceed with it .

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