26 December 2007


Based on an article from Zorro Unmasked blog dated 25th Dec 2007. Click here for the entire article.

NGOs have also stopped cooperating with the UMNO run Bilik Gerakan after a very sad and disgusting incident. Staffers from different NGOs had accompanied some of the food and other flood aid from the Bilik Gerakan to some villages. At one particular badly hit area, people of all races, i.e. Chinese, Indians and Malays, lined up to get the food. However, the UMNO 'volunteers' informed the people very crudely that the food and other flood aid was only for the Malays. The Indians and Chinese did not get any. The staffers from the NGOs which included Indians, Chinese and Malays were shocked and left in disgust.

In another estate area with almost 600 Indian flood victims, the UMNO 'volunteers' delivered just one sack of rice to be shared by 600 Indian estate workers and their children. The sack of rice was left at a flood relief centre located in a Tamil primary school near the estate. Then the estate workers were asked to initial a list acknowledging that they had received a complete set of flood supplies (rice, oil, canned food, sugar, salt, bottled water and blankets). Obviously the remaining supplies had been hijacked by the UMNO 'volunteers' and sold off for cash elsewhere.

Many of the Indian estate women became hysterical and screamed how 600 people were going to share one bag of rice. The next day when other volunteers went to the same Tamil school, the Indian women screamed at them and said 'Melayu jangan mari tolong lagi'.

In other places the aid was given to UMNO members only. Other Malays, especially known Pas supporters, were denied aid. These stories are not being made up. They are first hand reports from Pahang that were told to us by flood relief workers themselves. (NST, STAR, not allowed to print these reports....you had no reporters on ground zero?)

In another area, about 250 Orang Asli were promised 50kg bags of rice. This was clearly a false promise because most of the rice was delivered in 5kg or 10kg bags. The rice destined for the 250 Orang Asli was despatched by the Bilik Gerakan but it never reached the Orang Asli. When the UMNO ADUN from the area visited the Orang Asli the next day and inquired if they had all 'sudah makan', they jeered him and said 'awak semua penipu'. Again the rice had been hijacked by the UMNO 'volunteers' and siphoned off elsewhere.

For the first seven days of the floods, the Member of Parliament for Temerloh, YB Mohd Sarit bin Haji Yusoh (Tel. No. 03 - 77266005  and 03- 7726 4468       , address: Pangkal Melati Sdn Bhd, No 18-1, Jalan Wan Kadir 4, Off Jalan Damansara Bypass, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur), Anwar Ibrahim's one-time political secretary who became a millionaire within a couple of years, was missing from Temerloh. He had not visited any of the flood affected areas. Flood victims put up a banner in the Temerloh area asking 'YB where are you?' This banner was later torn down by the Police. All this news was not reported by the mainstream media.

The Chinese MCA ADUN from Mentakab has been one of the few Wakil Rakyat doing the rounds diligently in the flood affected areas. The Malay UMNO ADUNs have made themselves scarce or helping themselves to the loot from the Bilik Gerakan.

Because of the dishonesty and outright stealing by the UMNO 'volunteers', flood victims are very angry and tensions have been high in the affected areas. The mainstream media have not reported that when Fu Ah Kiow, Deputy Internal Security Minister and MP for Kuantan, visited the affected areas, the flood victims screamed and threw stones at him. The Deputy Minister had to leave the scene in a hurry. (Just like Samy was booed off the stage in Penang.....MCA & MIC.....that's two down for a start .)

We have just gone thru two religious festivals Hari Raya Haji and Christmas and we are touted as a God fearing country who look askance at anything irreligious like necking, petting, holding hands in public, groping, close proximity, fornicating, incest, buggery, statutory rapes etc, etc, Now we have people in UMNO who rob the distressed of what is their due in such trying times.


My Comments;

 Could this blogger provide us with all  the relevant facts and solid evidence in order to verify the blogging? At first, i was in shock after i read about it, but then the question of how true the story is all about, lingered onto my mind.  For example the issue of "NGOs stopped cooperating with the UMNO run Bilik Gerakan", which NGOs & UMNO run Bilik Gerakan is he refering too? He should point that info out  at first place since it was a racial implicated allegation where as he was accusing UMNO run Bilik Gerakan was being racist as for the treatment for the flood victims. 

 In the issue of "one sack of rice to be shared by 600 indian estate workers and their children", again it was lack of facts such as name of estate, time and date it was occured, images etc. If this was true, it was inhumane for UMNO to do this kinda stuff, but where is all the proof and evidence? telling lies about all of this, is also consider as a crime for humanity, social and political stability in our multi racial country. For me its more likely a racially motivated way of writing instead of telling us the real story.

 The story goes on and on where none of the accusation supported with valid and reliable source of news. Please lah people, don`t  play this kinda game, being a bottom feeder wont help those flood victims. In addition you are making it worst. 

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