07 April 2008

Who really rules Selangor State Government? DAP, PAS or PKR ?

Our beloved State of Selangor under the new ruling of CM Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim from PKR and State Exco for Modern Agriculture Methods, Natural Resources and Entrepreneurship Development MP Yaakob Sapari from PKR has approved a RM100 million budget for modern pig farm in Selangor. Meanwhile DAP MP - Theresa Kok has expressed her gratefullness toward the exco`s decision in her blog.

Why are we worried about pigs?

Oh ya, on my previous posting that has sparked of controversy, where I have innocently displayed a photo of roast pigs on the blog. Frankly, I really don’t understand why are some people so sensitive about pigs and pork. I have seen pigs running around in Malay village when I travelled to Tumpat at Kelantan few years ago. I always told the BN MPs in Dewan Rakyat that pig is a creature of God too.

Yesterday, the Selangor state exco meeting approved a RM100 million modern pig farm in Selangor. I felt so proud to see this decision being approved by our state excos. The exco who in charge of agriculture port folio is Yaakob from PKR. He is an expert in the field of modern agriculture. I told the excos in the meeting that let the Selangor modern pig farm be an example to all other state governments

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