04 March 2008

Opposition Dirtbag in Malaysia - PKR DAP & PAS

Edited Video of Pak Lah Being Booed

When i saw this clip on YouTube, the first word that cameout from my mouth was lame, yes lame old dirty tacktics of the opposition, but this time they are a bit smarter with technological ways of manupulating multimedia files. But these are the reason i found on the clips that show the person who edit this files, gotta pea size brain.

1-The boos sound clearly shows it was edited into the clips, sounds like it was done in a closed environment, such as in the studio of a talk show. Nowadays even schoolkids are able to do this kind of editing. I`ve attached here one example which took only a few minutes to do it;

Anwar Being Booed

2-The speech was covered by NTV7 on a scheduled monthly assembly of Prime Minister`s Office at Putrajaya which ment only for their own staff, officers and departmental bosses. No one dares not to behave as potrayed in this clip especially when attending this kinda official gathering, which also include the staff`s immediate bosses and their first boss, the Prime Minister himself.

Edited Video of Tun Mahathir

This is another classic case of manipulation done by the opposition. First of all the clips was cut to the extent viewers will perceive that Tun Mahathir is admitting he has framed DSAI. But if all of you observe carefully, Tun Mahathir was just being cynical and the audiences in the clips does understand it by giving a positive reponse to it. The response from the audiences would be the other way around if Tun Mahathir is really admitting.

Not only that, this clip would be the sole proof for the so called 'innocent' of DSAI because he would be using the same clip in the court of law himself. More or less CNN, BBC and all the Internationl News Agencies will spin out this issue like nobody business since this is one of the major "political setup" in Asia political scenario.

Last but not least some internet food for thoughts, please do not believe straight away anything that potrayed on the net, make use of your sanity wisely. Do lots of references, check and balance before come up to certain conclusion.

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