31 January 2008

Remembering a bitter lesson - PAS in Terengganu

Khalid Mohamad pointing to the ruins of  the former  Kampung Tebauk civic centre which was used as a kindergarten. The building was  auctioned when the Pas government came to power.
Khalid Mohamad pointing to the ruins of the former Kampung 
Tebauk civic centre which was used as a kindergarten. 
The building was auctioned when the Pas government came to power.

KUALA TERENGGANU: The concrete stairs and pillars of a civic centre in Kampung Tebauk are all that are left to remind villagers of the power of the Syura Rakyat Committee during the Pas administration between 1999 and 2004.

The civic centre, which was used as a taska (kindergarten) and activity centre for the villagers, was auctioned as soon as Pas took power.

The 50 children studying in the taska were forced to carry their own chairs and tables with the help of their parents to another premises nearby.

"It was a sad moment. I am not going to let it happen again for the sake of the other children," said Khalid Mohamad, 66, of Kampung Tebauk.

He remembered the day he helped the children to carry the furniture.
"The action by the Syura Rakyat Committee was humiliating and inconsiderate. 

"Just because Pas hated Umno, it did not give them the right to tear down the premises used to educate children," he said.

He recalled the panic situation and sadness among children and their parents who were asked to go home before the civic centre was auctioned.

He said the Syura Rakyat Committee had also auctioned a civic centre in Kampung Bukit Wan in Batu Rakit for RM400 and locked the gates of a Kemas kindergarten in Dungun.

Comments; for the party that so called promotes Islamic values, this kind of act is not merely or nearly islamic at all. Why kids especially early childhood education has to bare the consequences of PAS hatred over UMNO? Isn`t all this kind of act potrays the shallowness of PAS mentality? The people from Kampung Tebauk Kuala Terengganu now knows the real deal of PAS. So do we still wanna let them fools us with all their nonsense? No wonder when i personally encounter with lotsa old timer from Felda Jengka Pahang ( the biggest Felda settlement in Malaysia ), all of them said, PAS will not be able to do anything if they win the election because they not capable to do so, and we have also learnt our lesson. For the record during the 1999 election PAS (Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man) has won the Jengka State contest with the close majority of 319 but during 2004 general election voters has turn to BN rep Abdul Rahman Ibrahim with majority of 1714 mainly after 4 years being a chatterbox, what a bunch of baloney.

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Cik_Awe said...

Di Kelantan pun ada berlaku perkara seperti ini malah lebih teruk lagi. Utk pegetahuan semua Kompleks Puranama di Pengkalan Chepa itu di bina dengan segala tipu muslihat peringkat tertinggi PAS di Kelantan. Dahulu parti UMNO bina sebuah TADIKA KEMAS tapi apa bila PAS mengambil alih pemerintahan negeri Kelantan, TADIKA itu telah dihalau dan tanah tapak tadika itu telah diputar belit hingga menjadi milik PAS Pengkalan Chepa dan kini berdiri megah KOMPLEKS PURNAMA....