02 May 2008

PM: Cancel telecast in Dewan Rakyat

The Prime Minister said he was ashamed at what had transpired in the Dewan Rakyat on Wednesday and agreed that live telecast of the proceedings should be scrapped.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he was in the Dewan at the time, adding what happened was just “too much.”

“I felt ashamed if people watched television and saw what was happening in our Dewan. In my heart, I also felt that all this happened because there was a live broadcast at that time.

“Each (MP) wanted to make himself or herself seen debating or ‘aksi’ (acting) in the Dewan. That was how I felt,” he told reporters yesterday after a brief visit here to attend the 4th World Islamic Economic Forum closing session.

To a question, he said that if Information Minister Datuk Shabery Cheek decided to cancel the live telecast, he would agree.

He said the question of transparency of what went on during proceedings should not arise because sessions were open to all, noting that the media was free to cover the proceedings and report on whatever happened.

The public, too, were free to come to the Dewan to follow the proceedings, he added.

“There are no closed sessions. People can go in anytime the Dewan sits. That’s transparency. Whoever is interested to see if their MPs are talking in the Dewan or not also can come to KL when Parliament is meeting,” he said.

Abdullah also took to task MPs who used words like ‘Big Foot’ and ‘Big Monkey’ in the august House, saying that “words like that should not be used.”

He said that according to decorum, when an MP wanted to raise

a point of order or ask for clarification, he has to get up and wait

for the Speaker to acknowledge him.

“He or she cannot just speak whenever he or she pleases or shout. We have high quality microphones. Even when you speak softly into it, people can hear what is being said (so there is no need to shout),” he remarked.

Abdullah said if an MP who was speaking at a particular time refused to “bagi jalan” (give way) to another, it was not right to pick a quarrel.

“But there was all this quarrelling, accusations – and just no decorum.

Everyone wanted to talk at the same time. That is not right. I have been an MP for a long time and I know what has been (the practice),” he added.

On whether he still had confidence in new Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia to handle the proceedings, Abdullah said: “Give him a chance.”

He said Pandikar Amin was not someone without experience. Pandikar Amin has served as Speaker at the Sabah state assembly.

The Prime Minister later left for Mecca yesterday evening to perform his umrah.

Source The Star Online

I strongly feel that those “peanuts” (oath taking tecnicalities, parking space & etc.) should be left out.

Jeff Ooi: Although his car might be towed away - it could perhaps be a human mistake, just forgive and forget. Act like a MP, even if there really is agenda against you! Be like Mr. Bruce Lee - to win, you must first learn how to absorb pressure (or take punches)!!! Then when the time is right just blow the hella your punches.

Karpal Singh: Should channel your energy to something more important! If you are serious about helping the rakyat, don’t get in the passion or “routine” of your struggle in Parliament!

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