23 May 2008

Singapore Has Sovereignty Over Pulau Batu Putih

The International Court of Justice today ruled that Singapore had sovereignty over Pulau Batu Puteh while Malaysia owns Middle Rock and the South Ledge belongs to the state in which territorial waters it is located.

What actually we have lost over here? Technically Pulau Batu Puteh, Middle Rock and South Ledge are merely rocks, the biggest were Pulau Batu Puteh which appoximately half of football field in size or maybe less, while Middle Rock is two bunch of rocks located nearby the Pulau Batu Puteh and South Ledge are even smaller set of rocks which only visible to our very eyes during the low tide only. Thanks to Singapore Memorial i`ve include some images for our readers imaging description.

Yes, they bunch of rocks, but they are not just typical bunch of rocks lying on our seas, they are indeed big deal of rocks. Reasoning for this is simple, historically all of those rocks were ours. Imagine this, at the back of your house the is a durian tree which belongs to your family from forever. Then one day, your back neighbour claimed the tree is theirs. Dispute began and it were brought up to the kampung council lead by your own ketua kampung. Finally the verdict came out and you have lost the durian tree. There you go, what is ours for many years and now lost in the hand of other for some reason.

Whose to blame?

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