29 October 2007

ACA doubts Anwar’s sincerity in video clip case

Taken from The Star Online Monday October 29, 2007

KOTA KINABALU: The Anti-Corruption Agency has questioned Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sincerity in wanting to help in investigations to verify the authenticity of a video clip purportedly showing a senior lawyer “brokering” the appointment of judges. 

Anwar had filed an application in the High Court to set aside the order issued by the ACA asking him to hand over the original video clip. 

ACA director-general Datuk Ahmad Said Hamdan said: “If he really wants to help, then why is he getting a court order to stop us from getting the full 14-minute clip?” 

Ahmad Said, who was here to present excellence awards to 21 ACA officers and staff in Sabah, said without the original and complete video clip, the investigations could not be completed. 

So far, the agency has recorded the statements of 12 people, including those mentioned in the seven-minute clip which was made public. 

Ahmad Said said those interviewed said the clip was “inaudible or not clear”. 

“Thus, it was difficult for the us to fault them as we don’t have the original copy. Without it we cannot verify the authenticity of the video clip,” he added

Warong Kopi`s Comments;

As i predicted, Anwar Ibrahim intention on this video issue was fishy even from the early beginning. Only he and his so called die hard followers will know exactly what kinda game he is playing. What ever it is, it looks like he is trying too hard to make a come back, sort of revival like those veteran artiste trying to be on the tv and radio airwave, unfortunately lots and lots of people are getting sick of his acting. I`m glad public are getting wiser and wiser each day and so forth.


kgbahgia said...

Anwar, kami dah bosan dengan apa yang ko sandiwarakan

Terah said...

You write very well.