26 October 2007

Lulu's LOL! Kononnya UMNO Is Mature

Taken from an article of a blog owns by What A Lulu

“We’ve never made any such attempts. Never. Umno is mature. We’ll leave it to the delegates,” Umno secretary-general Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad. Malaysiakini - Nov 5-9 Umno AGM: No gag order on delegates

Then erh... Lulu guesses that it is the Malaysians who are not mature enought to stomach remarks like- Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein waving a keris two years ago

Warong Kopi would say -

What`s wrong with waving keris? Does he kill someone with it? If you are not aware you also can waive a keris, buy one and waive it, that’s it.

- one delegate last year warned that more was to come if Malay-Muslim interests were threatened.

Yalar, as we are living in a multi cultural society, we should respect at others rights not simply denying it and compromise with each others way of life and not by just objecting it.

- Hashim Subuh's “Hishammuddin has unsheathed the keris. He has waved it. He has kissed it. We ask now when he is going to use it,”

Again has someone here killed by the Hishammuddin with his keris? Couldn’t you just stop being paranoid and move on? Why so sensitive on this matter? Talk about sensitivity to all those illegal pig farmers in Melaka who made headlines a few back. Talk about sensitivity to all those employers who is asking their female employee not to wear head scarf during work time and male employee not to performed prayer including Friday prayer. Not forgetting those who criticize the sound of Azan on their neighborhood.

- Hasnoor Sidang Husin's “Umno is willing to risk lives and bathe in blood in defence of race and religion”.

Wouldn`t you just do the same for your race and religion? Or you just might run away since your guts was neve there at the first place?

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